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An obsession with trucks and tractors and trains and buses that baffles and charms us in equal measure. A love of Bananaphone, of Down by the Bay, and, perhaps more surprisingly, of Ellie Goulding’s Anything Could Happen and The Flaming Lips’ The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song.&

A few bits that have caught my eyes and ears over the past few weeks. Listening to Semisonic’s Dan Wilson discussing Closing Time on Song Exploder led me down a delightful internet rabbit hole that included this brilliant compilation of advice – ostensibly aimed at songwriters, but ther

I always boomerang back to the blog in the new year. Something about the breathing space between Christmas and Jan 1st, something about looking back on what has gone and thinking about what will come. I’ve had this little corner of the internet for over 10 years. At various points in my life the p

Ari started crawling about five weeks ago – and promptly turned our world upside down all over again. While adjusting to the new reality of having a moving baby hasn’t been without its challenges (babyproofing allll the things), it’s such a joy to watch him move and see his face light


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