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Recent life: A Round up

Like I said yesterday, it’s been a busy couple of weeks (I’ve been using the bananas emoji a lot) so I thought I would do another quick round up, as much to remind myself of what’s been going down as anything else!

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  • If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that Ben and I got a car! We’ve been planning it for a while, and it’s something I thought about every time I lugged my camera bag onto the DART or bus. It’s the first time I’ve ever owned a car, and I’m totally in love with it. I still have to learn how to drive (heck, I still have to sit my theory test), and we’ve already got a pretty long list of the places we want to go to now that we have wheels. Expect a post of my day trip wishlist any day now.
  • I went to see The Martian recently. After devouring the book over a couple of days, it was great to jump right into the film. It’s been described as “Castaway meets Apollo 13” (yet weirdly, doesn’t feature Tom Hanks). I’d really recommend it.
  • Phoenix Park run | nathalie.ie I’m back training with the wonderful Liz. After a hectic summer of travel for the two of us, during which I may or may not have strayed off my clean and colourful path, Ben and I are back at it now. There we are above, happy and sweaty after a Sunday morning run in Phoenix Park. (No regrets about treating ourselves to an evening in Wow Burger a few weeks ago though.) Dublin Design Night | nathalie.ie
  • I’ve had some really fun nights out recently (including this awesome Jagged Little Pill singalong), but last Thursday’s Dublin Design Night, which we at Image Interiors & Living co-hosted with Yelp, was a particular highlight. I took tons of pics, which you can see over on image.ie.
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Recent Work

Recent work: A Round up

Much as I love print, it can be tough not being able to share what I’m working on on the blog. It’s particularly hard right now, as so much of what I’m doing is for Christmas editions (I know, sorry). It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so I thought I would post a quick update with some of the fun projects I’ve been involved in.

  • The Sunday Independent have a new property supplement, edited by the brilliant Fran Power, and I’m contributing weekly trend pieces. My mammy was very proud to see me on the front of the supplement the Sunday before lastI loved being able to champion Irish prints from the likes of Irish Design Shop, Damn Fine Print and April and the Bear in that piece, and to talk about some of my favourite decor trends, including, in yesterday’s paper, marble. 

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  • I’m in an app! Yep, not words I type every day. But a few months ago, I was asked to contribute my suggestions for Design Island, the app that the ID2015 team was working on. Created to help you “navigate the design delights of Ireland”, the ID2015 gang asked a panel of experts from the design community to nominate their top locations around the country to share the best design in Ireland. Again, it was wonderful to get to get to wax lyrical about some my favourite places. Download the app here (iOS) and here (Android).
  • I’m still penning my monthly tech column for Image magazine. This month, I’m falling in love with cute stuff from Hippenings  and have a quick Q&A with none other than blogging super lady Emily of From China Village
  • Earlier this year, I got to go on two fun adventures. One to meet food legend Ferran Adrià, and the other to test out the new Dublin-New York business class cabins from Aer Lingus. Read about my Willy Wonka experience with Adrià here, and my wi-fi in the sky adventure here

Phew! It’s no wonder I have tendency to fall asleep on the couch at 10pm on a Friday night (rock and roll). 

Liz Costigan Urban Wellness Retreat | nathalie.ie

An Urban Wellness Retreat at The Marker

A few snaps from last Saturday’s Urban Wellness Retreat at The Marker with the inspiring Liz Costigan from Positive Fitness

Liz Costigan Urban Wellness Retreat | nathalie.ie

Liz Costigan Urban Wellness Retreat | nathalie.ie

The day started with clean treats and green juices at the rooftop bar, followed by a lovely talk from Liz about health and wellness; she goes beyond just simply explaining the benefits of exercise and healthy eating. She makes you realise it’s about investing in yourself, and in feeding your mind, body and soul which, in turn helps you be calmer, happier, and just generally nicer to be around. Doing a full day of it also makes you see how everything – mindfulness, exercise, sleep, balanced eating – is all connected, and how they all feed into each other. Starting one makes the others easier.

Liz Costigan Urban Wellness Retreat | nathalie.ie


Liz Costigan Urban Wellness Retreat | nathalie.ie

An Urban Wellness Retreat at The Marker | nathalie.ie Covering yoga, nutrition and how to work out basically anywhere, it was really fun day, with seriously delicious eats from The Marker (dying to get their recipe for those dark chocolate peanut butter cups, above). I treated my mum to a ticket, and it was lovely thing to get to do together.  Liz Costigan Urban Wellness Retreat | nathalie.ie

Fingers crossed she’ll do another one soon – I’ll make sure to post up deets if she does!

When the bells ring out in dusk | nathalie.ie

When the bells ring out in the dusk

A friend recently gifted Ben a copy of Belle and Sebastian’s The Life Pursuit on vinyl. With it, he included this lovely hand-written note, featuring a line from the song Another Sunny Day:

For those Sunday evenings when the bells ring out in the dusk. 

Isn’t that such a beautiful line? Yesterday I had my first truly autumnal Sunday of the year. A lovely gang of peeps gathered in Taco Taco to toast the birthday boy. It bucketed down rain as we left, so it was a case of quickly picking up the makings of a roast chicken dinner and returning home to light a fire, listen to our new records, and drink a lot tea. 

As fun and exciting as exploring new places can be, sometimes nothing beats being home.

Top pic: One of my last shots of our last French Riviera sunset.

Happy birthday, Ben | nathalie.ie

Happy Birthday Ben

You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

I’ll never forget our first big holiday, road-tripping around California. I couldn’t believe that someone wanted to stop and take as many pictures as I did, or was as giddy about finding another incredible taco joint as I was. 

As we roamed the hilly San Francisco streets, I was excited to get some great city shots, but not so excited to climb yet another steep road. I moaned about my legs aching, about my gear being too heavy. You threw my gear over your shoulder, stood behind me and put your hand on the small of my back, gently pushing me up the hill.

We laughed until we almost cried at the time, but I couln’t think of a better metaphor for the role you play in my life. Always pushing me forward, always there with tea, smiles, support. Never have I felt more understood, more content, more happy, more me.

Thank you for sharing the last few years with me. I couldn’t be prouder to get to spend another birthday with you. As your birthday card says, I really do love you more than tacos 😉

Happy birthday, Ben | nathalie.ie

Cannes sunset | nathalie.ie

See the Colours of Another Sky

Isn’t that one of the nicest things about traveling? Being able to take in another sky, seeing how differently the sun sets. We got back from our French Riviera shoot last Monday, but the week kind of got away from me. I’m working on the piece and the shots as we speak, and can’t wait to share more pics!

Eileen Gray

A bientôt!

And we’re off (again!). Ben and I are headed to the beautiful Côte d’Azur to work on a story for an upcoming issue of CARA. I’ve been dreaming up shots for weeks now, but one of the things I’m most excited about is a visit to E-1027, Eileen Gray’s modernist villa in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

Described by The Guardian as “a lost legend of 20th-century architecture” it has been undergoing restoration for 16 years, and only opened earlier this year. 

Eileen Gray E1027

We’ll be staying in Cannes and Nice, and road-tripping our way up and down the coast, cameras in hand (along with the Lisa Eldridge French pharmacie shopping list). I’ll no doubt be instagrammin‘ a whole load along the way, so find me there.

Above pic: Damian Kruse on Flickr.

Patric Watson Love Songs for Robots

Love Songs for Robots

Just started listening to the new album from Patrick Watson, the band fronted by the Canadian singer-songwriter of the same name. It was the album title, Love Songs for Robots, that first caught my eye when it popped up on an Apple music playlist but the music has me totally enchanted. 

The beautifully written Drowned in Sound review sums it up nicely: “(…) it’s less a collection of songs than a continuum of mood, a drift of ivory and echo, whole tracks blurring into one another like lights within the fog.”

Love the weird and wonderful video for Places You’ll Go.

Sloth Life | Nap All Day
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Sloth Life

Spotted a version of this on my friend El’s Insta feed and it brought a smile. I’m headed to beautiful Ballymaloe for a few days of eating, chilling, snapping, napping and as little screen time as possible (although that place is so Instagram-friendly, I know it will be hard to resist). 

See you soon!

Get the Sloth Life wallpaper here. If you’re in the mood for some more sloth love, check out this adorable print over on April and the Bear.