When We Were Young: Emily

Ever wondered what bloggers were like as kids? Me too. My new blog series talks to inspiring Irish bloggers about their childhood loves and dreams | nathalie.ie

I’m so happy this is finally coming together! This is a series of posts I dreamed up many, many months ago and I stumbled across it in a notebook and it made me smile so I finally got my ducks in a row and made it happen. 

Welcome to When We Were Young, a new series that looks at what bloggers were like in their childhood. Each month, I’ll invite a lovely blogger to share a picture from their childhood (because who doesn’t like that kind of cuteness?) and answer a few questions about what they loved, played, sang and dreamed about as kids. Fun, no? 

First up: The wonderful Emily, of From China Village. If you’re not familiar with Emily, let me tell you – she’s a lady making it happen. Her passion for Dublin – and Ireland – really shines through in her honest, insightful posts and has led to a gorgeous e-book filled with day trip ideas and some brilliant posts for Conde Nast Traveler

But lets rewind a bit, right back to 1985 in fact and that little cutie above. Click through for our Q&A. READ MORE

Where to Find (Gorgeous) Mid-Century Furniture in Dublin

Where to find mid century furniture in Dubliin

Obsessed with mid-century credenzas and vintage sideboards? Join the club. Our hunger for 20th century design shows no sign of abating, and, with so many people stuck renting, there are a lot of us out there looking for beautiful, affordable pieces that – much as I love Ikea – don’t have that flatpack feel. But, if you don’t live in LA, home to giant mid-century showrooms, it can be tricky to source the same pretty styles here. 

Where to find mid century furniture in Dubliin

While my hunt continues (we’ve got a rather obnoxiously-sized TV, so I need a wide, chunky number that can handle it), I’ve done a round-up of the best places that I’ve found to hunt for mid-century beauties in Dublin – click through to get stuck in.


Weekend roundup + a sweet succulent surprise


 Hello! How was your weekend? Mine involved a lot of sleeping, a bit of sniffling, and the most gorgeous succulent I’ve ever laid eyes on.

After not one, not two, but three trips to the doctors in our house (nothing major though) Ben and I basically cancelled everything and took the weekend off to recuperate, eat lots of clean, healthy things and try not to play too much Hearthstone. The fact that this was also the weekend Netflix released the new season of House of Cards was pure serendipity. 

But, before delving into the murky world of Frank and Claire, we got the tissues out and said goodbye to basically its polar opposite, Parks & Recreation, by watching the show finale. To say the show is near to our hearts is like saying Leslie Knope is only okay with waffles. Some of my favourite early memories of dating Ben centre around watching Parks & Rec together, and we have lots of silly P&R references around the house – from prints to the name of our WiFi network and even a Valentine’s card, so watching the very last episode was a bit totes emosh. But they show had an amazing run, and the last season brought back tons of favourite characters – and hey, there are plenty of memes out there to console us. 

Burro's tail succulent | nathalie.ie

Something that definitely brought a smile though was a trip to The Garden in Powerscourt on Saturday – I walked in and whoop, there was a burro’s tail succulent. I’d been lusting after one for an absolute age. Native to southern Mexico, the burro’s tail (or donkey’s tail, or Sedum morganianum if you’re keeping it official) is a succulent that boasts beautiful, long, blue-green leaves that kind of look like they’re woven. I carried it home wrapped in tissue in a little wooden crate – which led to a few funny looks on the bus, but also some great advice from a plant-loving passenger who told me that, like so many succulents, it “thrives in neglect”. This makes it a great house plant as it doesn’t need really regular watering, just plenty of drainage and a few hours of sun a day. It’s now it’s proudly sitting on my mantle and I seriously can’t stop looking at it. Sad, I know. 

issue Image Interiors and Living_Mar-Apr 15

The new issue of the mag also went on sale over the weekend, and I’m very psyched by all the lovely, supportive feedback it’s getting. It’s our Northern Ireland special and I got to shoot in some really great places, meet some incredibly inspiring people and eat some seriously good grub. There’s a little sneak preview over on Image Daily.

It does mean that we’re all stations go on the May-June edition – the week ahead is going to be a mega one, with two shoots, lots of meetings (many of them fun, tbf), my ceramics class and a nice mid-week dinner date with my mum thrown into the mix. 

Hope you have a good one, and, no matter how busy it gets, remember what’s important with these words of wisdom from the one and only Leslie Knope.

Top pic: One of many gorgeous new desktop wallpapers over on Designlovefest.  

Explore the outdoors

After rather a lot of hibernation, I’m looking forward to brighter days and getting outside that little bit more – so made a lil’ gif to celebrate*. It features some of my favourite outdoorsy things – the beach, the way the setting sun backlights trees creating the most beautiful contre-jour, Dun Laoghaire pier, admiring pretty plants in other people’s gardens, dry stone walls, and daisy-dotted lanes.

Explore the Outdoors | nathalie.ie


Wishing you a lovely weekend, with hopefully a little bit of outdoor time.

* The irony of having to spend a rather significant amount of time indoors trying to remember how to do this is not lost on me.

Recent Work: Jonathan McCrea for Image Magazine

Jonathan McCrea for Image | nathalie.ie

Jonathan McCrea for Image | nathalie.ie

Jonathan McCrea for Image | nathalie.ie Jonathan McCrea for Image | nathalie.ie

Shots form the very cool home of Jonathan McCrea, presenter of TV3’s The Lie for a recent issue of Image. Now that there’s a record player in my life, I’m very envious of his gorgeous wall of vinyl. 

Currently crushing on: Cacti

Crushing on Cacti | nathalie.ie

SKirsten_Cactus_11x14_1024x1024 812

Crushing on Cacti | nathalie.ie

In real, picture or balloon form.

From top: Bengt Garden /  Shannon Kirsten / Sarah Illenberg  / colourful cactus on Lokrum island in Dubrovnik (pics from that trip coming soon!)

Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

Hello! How was your weekend? I thought this might be a sweet way to perk up a Monday. 

I remember falling in love with this beautiful animated short at the Galway Film Fleadh way back in 2012, so when Ben told me he’d spotted it online, I couldn’t wait to share it here. 

Fear of Flying, directed by Conor Finnegan, is the story of a small bird who is too scared to fly and tries to avoid heading south for the winter. It’s impossibly cute and very funny – watch it below.

Wasn’t that adorable? The dude with the Ross O’Carroll Kelly accent gets me every time. Click here for a glimpse at how it was (very cleverly) made.

Recent Work: The Fumbally Cafe for Dylan Magazine

The Fumbally Cafe, D8 | nathalie.ie

Some shots of The Fumbally cafe, taken last year for a feature on Dublin 8 for Dylan magazine. The vibe is lovely and chilled, the food delicious and there are so many quirky touches that you could probably spend a whole day here and still find new things to shoot. It was part of a bigger feature on Dublin 8, which you can read here.

The Fumbally Cafe, D8 | nathalie.ie

The Fumbally Cafe, D8 | nathalie.ie

The Fumbally Cafe, D8 | nathalie.ie

And a couple of bonus shots below from around the D8 area, of two of the things I miss the most about living there – those beautiful red-brick houses, and canal-side lounging (when the weather allows it!). 

The Fumbally Cafe, D8 | nathalie.ie

I love everything about this lamp


I know I’ve basically just said I love lamp, but I don’t even care. I also don’t even care that this lamp just ticks way too many trend boxes – copper, mint, geometric. Made in Montreal, it won the Best Prototype award at IDS 2014, Canada’s largest interior design show. Find out more here

Bit by bit

little by little | nathalie.ie
Are you spotting it too? The evenings are getting that little bit brighter, bit by bit. I’m loving watching these bloom on the kitchen windowsill.

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