Noah |

He’s a tiny fireball of energy and mischief. He loves sitting on Ben’s shoulders, sneaking biscuits when nobody is looking, blowing things up in Minecraft and is in an adore/annoy relationship with his big brother. The middle kid, it’s been really wonderful to see him come into his own, and claim the spotlight. 

Noah |

Noah |

Noah |

Noah |

All pics taken with the Fuji X100s

I want to do it all

I want to do it all |

Man, those words up there from Sarah couldn’t feel more true. I feel like I know and value what’s important: looking after my health, family, friends, down time, dates, home-cooked meals, mellow, meditative mornings, early nights; thriving. And yet… I want to hit inbox zero at the end of the day. I want to conquer the task list. I want to brainstorm. I want to make each issue better than the one before. I want to maintain this blog, this totally personal space, free from deadlines, targets and stats.  I want to do it all. And yet… I pin to a board called ‘Day off daydream‘ and it’s just books and bed and tea and fancy socks. 

Ben and I keep meaning to make proper downtime. We’re nerds. We love chilling and tinkering on our laptops while listening to music. Or interrupting each other’s reading to call out funny/interesting/nerdy passages. Or drinking wine while eating nice cheese. But somehow, we end up packing way more things into the day than there are hours to do them. 

I do intend to do truly chill and enjoy a lil’ bit of dolce far niente. Just as soon as I finish this post. 

As my mum would say, my heart is in the right place. Now it’s just a case of waiting for the rest of me to catch up…

Recent work: Clean Comfort shoot for Image Interiors & Living

Clean eating shoot for Image Interiors & Living | food photography |

I had shared a couple of sneak peek shots from this shoot before (see them here), so thought it might be fun to post pics of what the piece looked like in the mag. Working with graphic designers has immensely improved my photography over the years – from learning about colour correction and being mindful of vertical lines (nothing shows off dodgy lines like the clean, sharp edge of a page!) to thinking about how a shot will be used in lay out. On Image Interiors & Living, our art director Marlene is also an immensely talented stylist, so the shoots are very much a collaboration.

Clean eating shoot for Image Interiors & Living | food photography |

Clean eating shoot for Image Interiors & Living | food photography |

Styling: Marlene Wessels | Recipes: Lesley Tumulty | Photography: Nathalie Marquez Courtney

Introducing Sam

Introducing Sam | I’m very excited to share some pis of Sam, Ben’s sister Megan’s beautiful baby boy (and yes, that does mean he’s Uncle Ben now, ha!). 

Introducing Sam |

Just a couple of weeks old, he is adorably tiny, quiet, beautiful (above pic taken by his doting uncle).

Introducing Sam |

Introducing Sam | We’re all really enjoying taking turns at holding him, taking his picture and making coo-ing noises.

Introducing Sam |

Weekend round up + my first Time Capsule video!

Hello! Happy Monday. Wait, does any one actually say that? Probably not. Hope you had a great weekend – it finally felt like spring in Dublin, which was so, so lovely. Daffs absolutely everywhere, blue skies, crisp air.

After a very special mini shoot (more on that tomorrow!) Ben and I decided that a day trip was in order, so headed out to Howth for some walking, some shooting and some fish and chips. 

I’m taking Xanthe Berkeley’s Time Capsule course, so this was a perfect opportunity to work on project one, which involved creating a video made up of stills and mini stop motion clips. I really want to learn to do more with video; this first effort is just baby steps, but it was loads of fun to work on, and a great memento of the day. Click above to play. 

Weekend round up |

Weekend round up |

Weekend round up |

Weekend round up |

Sunday we headed out to my sister’s and hung out with the kiddos in the park. The light was gorgeous so I was really glad I’d packed the Fuji x100s – the focus can be frustratingly slow, especially when trying to snap squirming, giddy kids, but it beats lugging an SLR around.

And then, on the way home… these views. 

Weekend round up |

I love spring. Have a great week!

Link Love


Above: Cute caravan print (via this cool gallery).

Loving the look of new online store Seven Wood. There’s a pop-up on Dame Lane until the end of the week. 

I’ve shared the beautiful work of Irish photographer Maggy Morrissey before, and was very excited when she contacted me to tell me that her first solo exhibition opens next week.

Looking forward to taking part in Susannah Conway’s April Love

Brilliant idea for a blog: A voracious reader shares their daily highlights

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” For the week that’s in it, here are 18 great Irish quotes
Keeping on the patriotic St Patrick’s Day buzz, I loved Aideen’s post on 10 key moments in Irish design.
Great idea for a photo series – Born Yesterday: mothers and their newborn babies.
Colourful, printable to-do lists from Designlovefest.

How Much Sugar Are You Really Eating? And, perhaps more importantly, there’ll soon be labels that differentiate between naturally-occuring and added sugars

And finally, I’m a bit hooked on Riffsy, a very addictive little app that lets you share GIFs straight from your keyboard. 

 Have a great weekend! 

When We Were Young: Rincy

When We Were Young, a new series that looks at what bloggers were like in their childhood.

It’s time for another instalment of When We Were Young, a new series that looks at what bloggers were like in their childhood. This week we’re travelling back in time with the lovely Rincy from A Little Bird. In many ways, Rincy is like a real-life modern Disney princess: one of the most authentically sweet, kind-hearted, pure people you’re likely to meet. She’s also a tough cookie though, and a smart talented one at that – a doctor, blogger and photographer. Now there’s a triple threat. Click through to throw back Thursday with her. 


It is Rain that Grows Flowers | Free Desktop Wallpaper!

" It is rain that grows flowers" - Rumi | desktop wallpaper download |

I’ve created another desktop wallpaper download to brighten up your digital workspace. For some reason, I’m always drawn to flowers, always drawn to Rumi quotes. I love the idea behind a quote like “it is rain that grows flowers”: that challenges and seeming clouds are what help you improve and grow. 

Click here to download. 

The bloom is from The Garden, the rosemary is from our back garden, and the bud vase is the beautiful work of Max Lamb, available from Makers & Brothers. 

PS – If you love ranunculus flowers as much as I do, you might enjoy this floral desktop wallpaper download

Give yourself time to just be


How was your weekend? Ours was fun, but busy. In truth, I’m still exhausted. It’s tough to admit that you’re drained and tired, even to yourself, especially when everything that’s making you drained and tired is something you love and enjoy; work, shooting, editing. But when I found myself napping on Ben at 2pm in the afternoon on Sunday, I knew that I needed to make some time for a proper rest. I’m so looking forward to taking tomorrow completely off, especially after reading this Washington Post piece, which highlighted how toxic exhaustion and being ‘crazy-busy’ can be. I loved this advice:

One of the things that I found was the importance of rest and play, and the willingness to let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth. A lot of people told me that when they put their work away and when they try to be still and be with family, sometimes they feel like they’re coming out of their skins.

It echoes the great tip above, one of many simple tips for success, from Adam J Kurt, about how important it is to stop the treadmill every once in a while. Which I hope to do tomorrow – while the buzz, banter and mayhem of St Patrick’s Day goes on, I’ll be a mile away, hopefully enjoying just being.

Whatever you decide to do, have a great week!

Getting romantic in Dubrovnik

A round up of some of the most romantic things to do when on holidays in the ancient Croatian city of Dubrovnik.

It had been a little over a year since I’d last been to the beautiful Croatian city of Dubrovnik, but this time it was with Ben and we were on an assignment for Cara, exploring the ancient city’s Game of Thrones connections, as it’s a key filming location for all outdoor King’s Landing scenes. 

As I joked in my post from when I went to there on a holiday with the girls, Dubrovnik just oozes romance. Narrow cobbled streets, stunning sunsets, clear blue seas… am I sounding like a travel brochure yet? I thought I’d round up some of the more smooch-worthy activities Ben and I got up to. Be warned: most of them involve views, drinks and sunsets. Click through for a read.


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