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My Latest Obsession: Sweet and Salty Popcorn

Growing up on the circus, I spent a lot of time in the circus shop, making popcorn. I’m talking hours and hours, every day. It’s hard to imagine now, but when I would get bored watching the performances (what’s a triple summersault when you’ve seen it twice that day already after all?), I would devote an inordinate amount of time to testing and tweaking different ways of making popcorn.

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June Link Love

How would you like a little desktop accessory that blows a bubble whenever you have a meeting?

A beautiful new kind of friendship bracelet

Missing Game of Thrones? This episode of Song Exploder on the opening credit music might scratch the itch a bit. 

Recent reads I’d recommend: We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler | At The Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen| And I’m currently completely gripped by Sarah Water’s The Paying Guests.

Just started watching Chef’s Table on Netflix and am loving it. Ben and I also just finished Daredevilwhich was really great, much grittier than I expected and beautifully shot. 

Interesting piece on Mashable’s new story-telling techniques (one of them involved Lego!).

How did I not know Stars had a new album out? I have No One Is Lost on repeat. 

Above: If Taylor can do it… inspiring downloadable artwork from Cocorrina

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Isabel | nathalie.ie

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Isabel | nathalie.ie

Isabel | nathalie.ie

I’m not sure it can get much cuter than this. Isabel turned two recently. She’s a happy, curious fun little kid. Right now, whenever she sees me she immediately asks for Ben (who she calls “Beeeeee!”). I’m telling myself that it’s because his name is easier to pronounce than mine.  

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32 Years Ago (a Birthday Post of Sorts)

I celebrated my birthday this month. Just a few days beforehand, my mum received this incredible video of her, my father and uncles performing in their flying trapeze act. The year? 1983. She flew through the air with – as you can see around the one minute mark – a great deal of ease, when the reality must have been far from it, because I  was just a few months old when the video was shot.

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Manhattan skyline from an East River Ferry | nathalie.ie

Brooklyn: Shake Shack, Serendipity and Sunsets

My first day in New York was perhaps the most unforgettable. There was something about having breakfast in Dublin and, just a few short hours later, getting stuck into lunch in Brooklyn that made my head spin. Kathy Rose and I crammed a lot in, thanks to a mix of serendipitous wandering and a beautiful day that was too good to nap through. Browse some pics from day one after the jump, if you’d like… Continue Reading

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And I’m Off (Again!)

Very quick Saturday update – I hope you’re enjoying the bank holiday weekend. I’m writing this post from Dublin Airport, as I’m about to hop on a flight to New York, where I’ll be for a couple of days.

I’m incredibly excited, as I’ll be trying out this epic chair on the flight and then staying with a lovely friend in a Brownstone in Brooklyn. Just typing that makes me giddy. 

There are a lot of things on my wishlist – including this Frida Kahlo exhibition in The Bronx, walking the Highline, taking the ferry to Staten Island, Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg…. but really, I just want to go on long wanders, camera in hand.

Back with an update on Wednesday, have a brilliant weekend!

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Links for magazine lovers

I love magazines: working on them, reading them, learning about how they’re made. Whether they’re chunky glossies or hip, heavy stock indies, I have stacks and stacks around the house (something Ben is very sound about). I’m working on a post of my favourite mag storage ideas, but in the meantime, here are some lovely magazine-related links, for any fellow mag nerds out there…

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San Sebastian | nathalie.ie

San Sebastián

I had been shooting for four days straight by the time Ben landed in Bilbao airport. So it should come as no surprise that the holiday part of my wonderful trip to the Basque Country was snapped though the lens of my iPhone!  Continue Reading