Lens and Larder at Kildare Village
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An Evening with Lens and Larder at Kildare Village

Rhubarb martinis, tangy Irish oysters, pink pickled eggs and charred, earthy beetroot. A salad dressed with bright, edible flowers. Feasting on a giant cut of freshly caught halibut. Buttery potatoes. DIY Irish coffees laced with Teelings whiskey, and heavenly mouthfuls of buttermilk tart.

(If you’re hungry and reading this, I’m very sorry.) 

Last Friday, Ben and I headed to Kildare Village for Lens and Larder, a gorgeous pop-up dinner celebrating Irish food that was a total treat of an evening. Some snaps after the jump!

Lens and Larder at Kildare Village

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My nephews | nathalie.ie
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Birthday Brothers

Can’t wait to hang out with these guys this weekend. Noah (mischevious face on the right), turns five today and I’m told a superhero party is on the cards. He’s so teeny and light, but makes up for it by being the most ferocious ball of energy. 

Happy birthday Noah!

My nephews | nathalie.ie

His big brother Ethan will be eight – EIGHT! – just a few weeks later, so plenty of cake and hyper times coming up. 

Tarxia Inlaid-Wooden iPhone Cases | nathalie.ie
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Gorgeous Handcrafted Andalusian iPhone cases

How beautiful are these? Created by two Spanish graphic designers, they are made using a centuries-old technique.

 The Arabian Andalusian technique, known as Taracea, is still being used in Granada, Spain and it involves artisans with both patience and skill creating geometric compositions out of inlaid wood.

Tarxia Inlaid-Wooden iPhone Cases | nathalie.ie

As explained on Design Milk, “Hardwoods used are lignum vitae, ebony, walnut, wenge, sycamore, and sapele, which are then finished using natural materials to result in cases that are 100% ecological and hypoallergenic.” There are nine designs available. Don’t they look like stunning tiles or a beautiful parquet floor?

Tarxia Inlaid-Wooden iPhone Cases | nathalie.ie

Tarxia Inlaid-Wooden iPhone Cases | nathalie.ie

Get ’em at Tarxia.com.

The High Line, New York
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The Fall Won’t Kill You: Great Posts About Career Change

You’ll risk screwing up, sure. You’ll risk ruining it all – the skills you’ve acquired, the small notoriety you’ve been given, the general comforts of knowing what the heck you’re doing, of feeling comfortable, of feeling good, of feeling right.

The past eight months have brought a lot of change into my life – from scary-awesome things like getting engaged and getting tattooed for the first time (post on that soon), to scary-scary stuff, like leaving a wonderful job in a career I had spent decade building to try something completely new, and then leaving that new job six months later. Notes on Career Change | nathalie.ie

As always in times like these, the internet is filled with encouraging, positive gems, balms to soothe those painful, what-the-hell-have-I-done moments, so I thought I would share some that have really resonated with me.  Continue Reading

Isabel turns three | nathalie.ie
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This Little Lady

I can’t believe she has turned three! Blows my mind. She is fierce and smart and a total charmer.

Isabel turns three | nathalie.ie

Isabel turns three | nathalie.ie

Whenever she sees me, she instantly throws her hands wide and exclaims, “Where’s Ben?”, which I find mildly wounding but mainly adorable. Well able to hold her own against her two big brothers, “My turn!” is one of her favourite expressions. 
It honestly feels like just months since her polkadot first birthday party, complete with a cake smash session.

Do you know what else blows my mind? The cake my mum made. 

Isabel turns three | nathalie.ie

Awesome, right?

Top pic by Ben.

Donal Mangan print | nathalie.ie
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May Link Love

Above: Beautiful Dublin skyline print by Donal Mangan.

Funny and true.

Been bopping along to this JT gem. Cute video too. 

“Any body, every body is a bikini body”: Wonderful post from my trainer Liz.

I gots all of these awesome letterboards on my wishlist.

A new series of posts about changing careers in your 30s. 

Trying out this very simple to do app: One Big Thing.

Can’t wait for the Prince Sing Along Social this Sunday.

How to be a great writer.

Loved this episode of the podcast Modern Love.

Have a great weekend!

Arran Street East studio shoot | nathalie.ie
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Arran Street East Studio Shoot

This was one of my favourite shoots in a long time. Back in March, I got to spend the day shooting the beautiful, simple, handmade stoneware of Arran Street East

Arran Street East studio shoot | nathalie.ie

We based ourselves from the new Arran Street East shop studio, which is nestled in the markets area of Dublin city. This was a such a fun, immersive project, as I got to shoot not just the finished product, but the things that inspired it and the entire process of making it.

Arran Street East studio shoot | nathalie.ie

We photographed every time a pot was touched, creating a lovely “from mud to mug” photo story, which is now live on arranstreeteast.ie.

Click through for some of my favourite shots!

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