Room with a view

Now that Ethan has got a bit more independence, he is free to crawl pretty much wherever he likes. He keeps coming back to this window though, which is funny, because it’s my favourite too.

Look to your far left, and you see Croke Park, Hogan Stand-side. If you’re lucky, there might be the tinny hum of a sound check, the buzz of a concert or the roar of a match. In the distance, there is Howth bay, smack in the middle are the Poolbeg towers (get on the DART for a great view of them), then lots and lots of cranes, around the Spencer Dock area.

But I think Ethan’s interests lie closer – the cars, the people, the pets, and the general comings and goings of the street below fascinate him. Who needs electronic light-y uppy musical cubes when you have the city to entertain you?

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