Crafty buys

We took another trip to The Crafty Market last Sunday and I came away with lots of goodies:

The cute print is by talented illustrator Sarah Cunnigham (as soon as I can get a hold of links for these guys I’ll post them). She also does adorable illustrated books and handmade tooth fairies. Too cute.

The flower above is by Natalie, a super talented designer I first met when she nearly died designing the college paper, way back in the day. I was a news writer, she an NCAD design student – neither of us must have been big fans of sleep, if the all-nighters that she, Eoghan and I threw ourselves into every second week were anything to go by.

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, we found out that she was going to have a stall at last Sunday’s market. She now has a much more stable job, gets lots of lovely sleep, and also gets to make these pretty little hair accessories (they also work as brooches), which you can buy here. The Eiffel tower is an old souvenir from Paris, but I just thought it went really well with the 19th century courtesan feel of the clip.

Next up is this very cool Rubik’s Cube ring (kind of), which goes from this:

To this:

And also this:

Ciara, if you ever feel the urge to propose to Mr Reilly, you might have found the perfect ring…!

The ring came packaged up this awesome little box:

Last, but not least, we have the adorable kettle necklace:

As if I needed another way to tell Eoghan how much I love tea (other than saying “What? A cup of tea you say? Why I’d love one!”; subtle as a brick to the shins I am.)

I’ve posted a few more shots from the market below. It takes place the first Sunday of every month, at Newmarket Square (near St Patrick’s Cathederal), Dublin 8, and is very much worth a visit. Check out their site for more deets.

And finally… Ethan looking cool and rocking Corina‘s shades:

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