It’s always said that it’s easy to take a good picture of a pretty girl, but, although Karla is without a doubt GORGEOUS (that skin, those teeth…grrr) the girl had to work it, Tyra-style for our shoot.

First of all it was FREEZING. We lucked out with some sun, but Mother Nature wouldn’t stretch to actually giving us the warmth that went with it.

So poor Karla had to frolick around in cute mini dresses and high heels looking like she was loving life, when really she was cursing her photographer and her mental ideas.

I love the shot below, probably my favourite from the session. I love the wistful expression on Karla’s face, the glow of the sun against her hair.

But if you could look outside this frame you’d see that she’s ditched her heels for Ugg boots and can barely feel her fingers. Seriously. What a pro, eh?

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