Le weekend, in pictures

Woah, did anyone else find that the weekend  simply flew by? I kind of can’t believe it’s Monday again.

On Friday, Eoghan had picked up a couple of yummy, juicy steaks so some marinade was called for:

Mix the finely chopped garlic, chilli and rosemary with a little olive oil and some soy sauce. Rub some salt and pepper into the steak (after giving it it a few goes with the tenderiser – very therapeutic!), pop it in a sandwhich bag with the mix then put it in the fridge and wait with a glass of wine until you’re ready for it. Yum!

Saturday I met up with two old college friends. Helen Alice (left) lives in Singapore now, so we only get to see her a few times a year. Obviously there’s Facebook and gChat, but it just isn’t the same. Etaoin and I had stories to tell that simply can’t be told through instant messaging. We met up at around 2.30pm for lunch.

We were still out at 12.30am, drinking cocktails in Spy. Yup, a lot of gossip. Isn’t it great though, not seeing someone for ages and being able to instantly fall back into old, comfortable ways?

Sunday, was spent hanging out with this little guy:

And this adorable six month old cutie:

Aren’t her eyes amazing? More pics of her on the way!

I then took my sis, Kelly, to CSI The Experience at The Ambassador, which was good, cheesy, forensic fun. And we cracked the case, whoop!

How was your weekend?

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