Le Weekend, in pictures

Woah, I blinked and a whole week went by there. How did I miss that?

Anyway, back on track now. Hope you had a nice weekend, here’s what I got up to.

Legged it home after work on Friday (via Pintxo – wasn’t loving the chef’s work that night, everything tasted a bit meh, sadly) (oh and via Urban Outfitters where I picked up a pretty and totally impractical pink wallet. Bold.) to hop into the car and head up North to visit my mum at the circus.

Thanks to Sat Nav trying to lead us down a road that was closed, we didn’t get there until well 11- just in time for a chinwag and some wine.

Saturday, Eoghan and I went for a wander around the pretty town of Bangor and came across a very cute sweet shop selling all sorts of old school treats.

I bought a couple of packets of that really bubbly gum – cue 20 minutes of blowing chewing gum bubbles on the street and getting LOTS of funny looks.

Then, back to the show to check out the new juggler

Aaron’s impressive hand-balancing act:

And my (not so) little cousin Stephen:

After a mammoth supermarket sweep in Newry on Sunday, we headed back for lots of tea, papers, and my favourite dinner.

And some more tea.

How was your weekend?


A few mini movie reviews:

500 Days of Summer: Adorable flick, killer soundtrack, highly recommended.
GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra: Eoghan described it in three words: “Boom, Boom, Pow.” That kind of covers it, methinks.

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