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Le weekend, in pictures

“Backstreet Boys, you know?”
My 12-year old cousin Kourtney looked at my sister, Kelly, and me blankly. “Everybody…. Rock your body...” we crooned in unison. Still, a blank, bemused stare. And then it hit us. We’re officially getting old.

Other than that realisation, it was a great weekend. Kourtney has recently started boarding school, so we whisked her out for a weekend of unadulterated girly fun. Saturday: a stroll trough the park and town. Couple of pics below.

This is Kourtney;

I hadn’t photographed her in ages so I took the opportunity to grab a few quick portraits.

This is my sister, Kelly (Ethan’s mum). She got the gorgeous genes 🙂

Love this shot of her doing her make-up on the 46a:

And this, of course, is Ethan, nephew and Godson extraordinaire:

Here he is again, peeping up from between the Dublin Bus handle bars.

After stopping off at the Epicurean for some grub (I can’t recommend Taco Taco highly enough – best Mexican food in the city, I promise) we spent the evening watching X-Factor, oooh-ing and aaah-ing over Cheryl Cole’s gorgeousness, admiring Holly Willoughby’s pretty dresses, murdering songs on Singstar and watching classic girly movies, such as Dirty Dancing. Sunday: Park and cup cakes. I’ll post the cupcake shots – along with an easy peasy recipe – in the coming days.

How was your weekend?

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