Date: October 2009

For some reason, autumn always makes me think of Emily Dickinson. Maybe she was one of the first poets we studied going back to school or something, but when I see a pretty, leafy autumnal scene I of the line “She sweeps with many-coloured brooms“. To be honest, I think Dickinson was act

Nothing like having that Monday feeling then realising it’s  Tuesday to put you in a good mood! My weekend consisted mainly of playing with Ethan, watching the X Factor (am very sad that Miss Frank are gone), eating roast potatoes and going for a lovely long walk around Killiney Hill. But bef

Man, it is COLD. Who cranked off the heat in our absence? I mean, it wasn’t exactly balmy before but  it seems to have gotten a whole lot colder in the week or so we were away. Maybe Singapore’s 34° weather spoiled me, but I’m really wishing I had bought my winter coat before I [

Not fishing exactly – snorkeling maybe! As of today, I’m off on hols to Singapore and Bali with Eoghan for a week or so of snapping, and reading, and lounging, and eating and snapping and, em, did I mention snapping? Can’t wait to take a zillion photos, expect to see some of them h


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