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Gone fishin'

Not fishing exactly – snorkeling maybe!

As of today, I’m off on hols to Singapore and Bali with Eoghan for a week or so of snapping, and reading, and lounging, and eating and snapping and, em, did I mention snapping? Can’t wait to take a zillion photos, expect to see some of them here on my return.

In the meantime, here are some Ethan shenanigans, ‘cos it’s been a while.

In the past few weeks we have learned that…

a) he LOVES strawberries

b) he can answer some important questions, mainly “Where is your nose?”

c) He’s figuring out how to work the remote control… and trying to work out how to switch his snap happy aunt off too by the looks of it!

And finally,

d) He is still a total cutie

(Sorry, I’m his Godmother AND Aunt (he’s my first nephew)… it’s practically obligatory that I totally dote on him!)

See you soon!

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