Sacred Monkey Forest Sactuary, Ubud , Bali*

The sacred monkey forest on the outskirts of the quiet craft town of Ubud, Bali was out of this world. Tiny long-tailed macaques run all over the place – including up your arms and on to your head – in the hopes that you have a banana or some fruit. They’re wild, but tame, if that makes any sense, and genuinely revered by the Balinese – there’s even a temple in their honor within the grounds of the forest.

It was their incredibly human-like expressions that fascinated me:

Although this is without a doubt my fave of the lot:

But I do love this daydreaming guy:

Finally, the side of the temple:

(*Because ‘monkeying around’ was far too cheesy a headline, even for a dull and dreary Tuesday morning)

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