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She sweeps with many-colored brooms

For some reason, autumn always makes me think of Emily Dickinson. Maybe she was one of the first poets we studied going back to school or something, but when I see a pretty, leafy autumnal scene I of the line “She sweeps with many-coloured brooms“. To be honest, I think Dickinson was actually chatting about the sunset in that poem, but I think that line really fits these October days – doesn’t it feel like someone has come and started sweeping up all the leaves, leaving dozens of strays swirling around the place? I guess the broom mention is quite seasonal too.

Speaking of which, I must dust off my blonde 50s wig (Eoghan and I were Mad Men characters at Gav and Ciara‘s awesome fancy dress party last night. You know it’s good when it ends with people dancing to Britney in the living room.) and head over to Ethan, as we’re going to carve us a pumpkin. But before I go, here are a couple more autumnal pics, from last week’s stroll through Killiney Hill.

Happy Hallowe’en!

I loved shooting these berries – I wish I was as fabulously hunter-gathery as Donal, who has a gorgeous Blackberry and Apple Tart recipe on his blog that looks seriously yum.

This reminded me of the scary woods that Snow White gets caught up in…

Loved all the leaves.

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