Date: November 2009

There’s nothing like the buzz of an International rugby game to warm you up on a cold and foggy Saturday afternoon. Ireland were playing South Africa so off Eoghan and I trotted to the Davin stand for some roaring and some rugby. But before we left, I snapped a few pics from our balcony of [&h

Some shots from when I tagged along to the KISS photoshoot, shot on location at Circus Vegas way back in June – I have no idea why I didn’t post these before.  The show is run by my family, as many of you know, so I went along to make sure no one stepped in […]

For weeks now I’ve been telling myself too soon and not yet. Christmas thoughts, ads and banter seem to creep in earlier and earlier and I’ve been trying hard to keep them at bay and suddenly – next week is Decemeber! Eek. I’m hoping to get my cards and gifts through Etsy and

Doesn’t this little guy just have the most gorgeous eyes? Such a cutie. His name is also Ethan, and he was born just a week after my Ethan (well, he’s not mine, but you get my drift) so we bonded over a shared love of coloured building blocks and bubbles. I know you probably don’t

I let out an audible sigh whenever I look at Arthur Elgort‘s work. His composition blows me away, as does the sense of playfulness and humour that you get from almost every image. He is truly inspirational. Head on over to his website and indulge in some more visual yummy-ness. His early work

Some women have all the luck. I photographed Amanda’s first bump back in Feb 2008, and again in April (I also snapped what popped out). She had the cutest, neatest bump and it appears that the bump gods have smiled upon her once again. She is seven months pregnant and I only hope I look [&hell

Looking like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth – at least not when it’s so busy being spread all over his face! As messy as it is, feeding Ethan is great craic. When I get shots like these, I feel really grateful for my camera, and for photography. I just love his expressions in th


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