Those eyes

Doesn’t this little guy just have the most gorgeous eyes? Such a cutie.
His name is also Ethan, and he was born just a week after my Ethan (well, he’s not mine, but you get my drift) so we bonded over a shared love of coloured building blocks and bubbles.

I know you probably don’t need or want to see all the pictures from the bubble series… but he’s just so happy and smiley and cute that I had to post them all.

We spent the afternoon in the very pretty St Anne’s Park in Clontarf. It was right after these bump shots, so although it was cold, the light was was gorgeous. Bokeh-licious (sung to the tune of Destiny’s Child Bootylicious…. no? Anyone?).

They’re the cutest family.

Remember being swung like that? It rocked. I wish they’d invent a funfair ride that swings you around like that. I would a pay a good €2.50 for that.

The cuteness continues.

I know all toddlers are happy, but this kid was really bringing the LOLs, you couldn’t help but laugh along with him.

A serious shot. I love this.

Some family shots…

This is part of a series we did for the fam’s Christmas cards, hence the Santa in the background…

Shooting from between the roses (yes, roses! In November) in the park.

And last but not least, I grabbed this quick shot after Ethan cheekily pulled off his hat and before his mum promptly squished it back on. Love those wispy blonde locks. And the eyelashes (why do boys always get the lashes? No fair!)


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