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Holidays are coming…

For weeks now I’ve been telling myself too soon and not yet. Christmas thoughts, ads and banter seem to creep in earlier and earlier and I’ve been trying hard to keep them at bay and suddenly – next week is Decemeber! Eek. I’m hoping to get my cards and gifts through Etsy and other online shops this year (how cool are these porcelain milk jug vases?), so I really need to get my rear in gear if I want them to arrive on time.

One area I didn’t need any encouragement on though was baking. Yvonne, Kel, Ethan and I had a wee baking session one cold and rainy evening and here are some snaps of the results.

These star-shaped cookies were very cinnamon-y and very yum. Closer to Christmas we’re going to make them again but pierce holes in the top and hang them off the tree.

I can in no way take credit for this handiwork – my arty friend Yvonne created and decorated the tree and snowman (reminder to self: be sure to invite Yvonne around for the next baking sesh). I did do the butterflies though..

Love this! Again, Yvonne’s handiwork. And in case you’re wondering, yes, that beaded, iced blob in the corner IS a rugby ball and yes I am responsible…

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