All fogged up

There’s nothing like the buzz of an International rugby game to warm you up on a cold and foggy Saturday afternoon. Ireland were playing South Africa so off Eoghan and I trotted to the Davin stand for some roaring and some rugby.

But before we left, I snapped a few pics from our balcony of the crowd pouring up the road.

Crazy fog, eh?

And this was at just after 2pm!

To give you an idea of just how crazy the fog got, here’s a little triptych – the top shot was taken just before the game started, the middle one at half time, and the last one just minutes after it finished (by which stage you could barely make out the far posts, let alone the players)

Here are a few other pics:

Right after Sexton’s first kick over the posts…

Got distracted by this girl’s lovely hair…

Should have been a try here. Not least of all because of the great view we had.

And just after the whistle went, with the final score Ireland 15 to South Africa’s 10.

I celebrated by having my first taste of the most delicious thing in the world – hot chocolate with Baileys and marshmallows. It was amazing, and had I not drunk it all so quickly I might have taken a picture! Maybe next time…

** Updated**

So I had another Baileys hot chocolate tonight, just so I could take a few pictures. Yes, that was the reason…

(p.s. Sorry about the grainy pics. Shot at 1600 ISO and it shows.)

I love when the marshmallows start getting all gooey and melt-y… Yum.

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