Date: December 2009

Yes, peaceful. As Eoghan pointed out to me in the car on the way home from a mammoth shopping expedition, merry is nice but isn’t peaceful so much better? Peaceful, as in cut cut each other some slack, as in everyone tries that little bit harder to be less crabby, more patient, to go with [&he

But there are presents under the tree! Nothing beats a bit of brown paper and red twine. {Photo nerd filter: I love the sparkles that shooting with a small aperture gives you, but also adore the dainty bokeh and shallow depth-of-field that shooting wide open allows. So for the top shot I did both, a

What do you do when it’s too cold to go out, too dark to take pictures and there’s nothing good on TV? Cut up some paper, get some duct tape and make some heart-shaped bokeh of course! These, I know, have been done (and done much better) a million times, but it was my first […]

A couple of pics from Gemma Hayes‘ Crawdaddy gig last Friday. I was utterly exhausted from Thursday night’s celebrations (when KISS picked up the gong for Mag of the Year at the Magazines Ireland awards, go us!) but managed to drag myself across to meet Yvonne at Green Nineteen on Camden

I know very little about artificial lighting. I’m a massive lover of natural light, but really want to learn how to work with the man-made stuff. Over the past few months, I’ve been saving here and there and have invested in a few pieces and and have discovered a few great resources so I


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