Photo pressies part 2: Books

Within the Frame by David duChemin

Within the frame

Filled with lots of personal insights and simply stunning photography from around the world, this book really stands out from the rest. It’s tough to talk about vision and creativity in a market packed with speedy how-to tomes without losing your reader, but duChemin managed to keep me completely hooked. Get it here or on Amazon.

And speaking of speedy how-tos…

The Digital Photography Book Vol 2 by Scott Kelby


My sis got me this for Christmas last year and I really enjoyed it. Scott Kelby is the editor of Photoshop User Magazine (he also has a great blog) and Vol 1 was one of the best-selling photography books in history. Kelby’s tips are super straight forward and easy to follow and he gets into the nitty gritty without getting bogged down. The cheesy humour that peppers the book isn’t for everybody, but I loved it! Nab it here or on Amazon.

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

Any fan of Schuman’s great, hugely sucessful street style blog or of street style in general would love this. He has an amazing fashion eye for original style, but also a great photograpaher’s eye for light, tone and mood. The little anecdotes about the fabulously fashionable people he photographs are great too. Buy it here and here.

The Best Camera is the One that’s With You by Chase Jarvis

Tied to the iPhone app of the same name, this book is a collection of iPhone photos taken by photographer Chase Jarvis. I love the app and am quite keen to have a look at the pics in this. He proves that a good photo doens’t have to rely on pricey gear or fancy Photoshop work. Pick it up here and here.

The Hot Shoe Diaries by Joe McNally

I’m mainly a natural-light photographer, and McNally is mainly a flash man, but I loved, loved, loved this book. His irreverent, self-deprecating stlye wins you over immediately and if the photo lover in your life has recently acquired a flash (or is getting on for Christmas) I can’t recommend this book enough. Loved it. It’s here and here.

The Unguarded Moment: Thirty Years of Photography by Steve McCurry

I’m dying to get my hands on this. I adore McCurry’s work (he too has a great blog) and his ability to capture such natural moments, such vibrant colours and such unforced expressions. I have his collection of portrait postcards and thery’re really inspiring (or, depending on my mood, depressing – his awesomeness can make you feel like giving up!)

Craft & Vision ebooks by David du Chemin

If you’re on a tight, Chris Kindle budget or fancy giving a more eco-friendly pressie, duChemin also has an amazing collection of $5 ebooks. I’ve bought a few of these and they really do give incredibly great bang for buck.

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