I heart this city

What do you do when it’s too cold to go out, too dark to take pictures and there’s nothing good on TV? Cut up some paper, get some duct tape and make some heart-shaped bokeh of course!

These, I know, have been done (and done much better) a million times, but it was my first shot at them and I had lots of fun snapping the city and the traffic and seeing what heart-shaped cuteness came back.

Love how the red heart sticks out here

Some traffic…

When it got too cold to stand at the window or out on the balcony, I turned to the Christmas tree.

If you fancy giving this a go, there is a very nice little tutorial here.


  • awww these are so very lovely! i like the colour variations a lot 🙂 fortunately for me it’s a little easier with the heart shaped aperture for my lensbaby & i keep meaning to take it into town to shoot the christmas lights, but it’s so hard to find time.

    this is my favourite all time heart bokeh photo, by a photographer called irene suchocki, i love her work a lot: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=36305021

    • Thanks! I’m dying to take some day-time ones of the Christmas lights in town now that I have this little duct-tape cardboard concoction up and running. Just saw your shots too – AMAZING 🙂

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