Make hay (and photos) while the sun shines

Poor Yvonne. She arrives at the apartment carrying a bag of nachos, some dip and a bottle of Diet Coke, innocently thinking that she has come to watch the X Factor final.

But see, Yvonne has arrived as the sun does a pretty little golden dance across my balcony, and within minutes she’s out in the cold, holding a reflector and being curiously watched by a guy in the apartment across from us.

Believe it or not, Yvonne is extremely camera shy. Most pictures I have of her involve her hand shooting across to block her face, paparazzo style. No amount of ninja-like camera wielding or sneaky zoom techniques allowed me to get a picture of her.

But in the past few months, whether down to my insisting she stand in while I test out light and location while assisting me on shoots, or just down to us getting older and more mellow, Yvonne’s no photo rule has relaxed a bit. Which is why I love these shots so much. You never know, she could return to her no-photos-please days at any moment.

Her earrings were so pretty, her make-up so lovely, her blonde locks so crying out for a bit of flare, that I had to drag her out to the balcony and take her picture. And I’m so glad I did.

Isn’t she soooo pretty? And before you ask, I don’t know where she got those earrings but I’ll check.

I could tell you why she’s laughing in this pic. But I’m pretty sure Yvonne could sue me.

My absolute favourite. I heart flare.

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