Wishing you a peaceful Christmas

Yes, peaceful. As Eoghan pointed out to me in the car on the way home from a mammoth shopping expedition, merry is nice but isn’t peaceful so much better?

Peaceful, as in cut cut each other some slack, as in everyone tries that little bit harder to be less crabby, more patient, to go with the flow and just chill out. A lot of this is advice I’ll be needing to take on board, as Christmas dinner is being hosted in our apartment this year. So what if we haven’t a clue how to carve a turkey, if we have no special occasion crockery or if I forget to pick up cranberry sauce? The main aim in is to truly relax, switch off, play with Ethan, watch blockbusters on the couch with my mum and sis, dance to cheesy Christmas tunes with Eoghan, eat tons of yummy food and just have a nice time.

So with that, I’m logging off, and hope to return relaxed and refreshed in January, with some nics pics to share.

Thanks to anybody that stopped by to read or comment, and I truly hope you have a happy, peaceful Christmas and wonderful new year. Feliz Navidad!

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