Croker in the snow

I had to interrupt my little blog break to share some pictures of our snow-capped city. I hope you had a great New Year!

The balcony was covered in snow when we got back on New Year’s Eve, so we made a mini snowman! Here he is chilling out in front of Croke park.

I then set my tripod up for this shot. Yes, it was freezing on the balcony and yes, I was wearing my New Year’s Eve finery. But it was so pretty, I couldn’t resist!)

This one was taken the following morning – we woke up to blazing sun and I was sure that it all would have melted, but everything was still wearing its snow blanket.

And our little snowman was still there.


  • Hehehehe love his little tealight hat and pretzel(?) buttons!

  • Really like these photos. Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year’s.
    Had some snow here the week before Christmas but it all melted away right on time for the holidays. Still need to upload a few photos, think I’m gonna do that right away..

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