Baby Darragh

Some newborns are small enough to hold with one hand. Not this guy.

Baby Darragh is a big, bouncing, healthy boy whose mum laughed out loud when she saw the baby bowl I had brought to photograph him in. There wasn’t a hope of him fitting in it.

Instead, I focused on getting shots of his incredibly cute pinkness, and his ten perfect pinkies. Sigh. I love newborns.

Love this sequence of him and his (awesome-looking) mum.

She looks even more awesome when you consider that she already has a very energetic 18-month old (who I photographed back in November).  Big bro is totally doting. The day mum came home from hospital he stopped kissing her tum and started kissing his little brother instead. Adorable.

Love this shot. He looks like he’s really thinking hard about something. Maybe trying to decide between eating, sleeping or pooping. Decisions, decisions…


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