Date: March 2010

A little while ago, my mum gave me the coolest gift. It was folder containing little scraps, snippets and clippings of my life. She’d been collecting them pretty much since I was born. There was a napkin from my christening party. My first passport. Notes from parent-teacher meetings. Letters

William Wordsworth was on to something.  There is something undeniably mood-lifting about daffodils. Be it their cheery yellowness, the speed at which they bloom, or how they look so delicate and pretty but are actually quite robust. I am thoroughly enjoying the fling with spring that Dublin has be

My borrowed SLR has returned to its owner, so I was flicking through my archives to try and find a photo that summed up how I feel right now, and these vintage wooden “woot” blocks on my bookcase were¬† the closest I came. See, this blog is one of five finalists in the Best Photoblog [&h


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