Teary toddlers (and photobloggers)

Hola. Hello there poor wee neglected blog.

I found it a lot tougher than I thought to maintain a photoblog without my beloved SLR. Combine that with some crummy personal circumstances (which we’re better off not discussing on the interwebs) and you get a mixed start to 2010.

However, things are looking up –  a lovely friend kindly loaned me her 450D for a week or so and I interrupt this blog break (does that make sense?!) to post a couple of the shots I’ve taken.

I think I’ll start with Ethan, because I’ve missed snapping him the most, and because these shots kind of sum up the month I’ve had*.

Even mid-sulk, he’s adorable. Love this next shot – check out the single tear, very The Crying Boy.

By the way, in case anyone is thinking I’m the cruelest aunt ever, he was only having a cry because we ran out of carrots for the horses, not because I stole his sweets or anything like that.

*Apologies for the gloominess. Although if you’re now really in the mood for a cry, may I recommend this.


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