My borrowed SLR has returned to its owner, so I was flicking through my archives to try and find a photo that summed up how I feel right now, and these vintage wooden “woot” blocks on my bookcase were  the closest I came.

See, this blog is one of five finalists in the Best Photoblog category at the Irish Blog Awards, and I couldn’t be more surprised, delighted and humbled. I didn’t even have the cheek to nominate myself (a photo blog by a camera-less photographer seems like an unlikely horse to put a punt on!), so this is a lovely surprise, made even sweeter by the fact that I was heading up to the awards anyway (with some very lovely ladies).

I am now even more excited about the event, and about meeting the other nominated photogs. If you like truly gorgeous photography, do check out these blogs:
Ronan Pallister

North Atlantic Skyline

Red Mum

(p.s. The wood blocks were bought from Blue Bazaar, a great little Etsy shop, and the book, a first edition Enid Blyton one about a traveling circus, was a a very amazing present, picked up at Cathach Books, on Duke Street.)


  • Congrats. Well deserved.

  • Stephen Isabirye

    I like your display of Enid Blyton’s original Five Are Together Again. in fact I analyze as well as summarize all of Enid Blyton’s 21 books, in concert or comparison with her other non-Famous Five literature in my book on her, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage (
    Stephen Isabirye

    • @ Stephen Sounds fascinating. I was a massive Enid Blyton fan, but admit I had a mega soft spot for her circus-themed stories. I also never really thought about her books’ cultural context so you’ve given me great food for thought!

  • No we can’t make it this year unfortunately. Stayed with a friend last year, who looked after the two kids that night. Now we’ve got three, and no such luxurious babysitting service in Galway.

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