Dances with daffodils

William Wordsworth was on to something.  There is something undeniably mood-lifting about daffodils. Be it their cheery yellowness, the speed at which they bloom, or how they look so delicate and pretty but are actually quite robust.

I am thoroughly enjoying the fling with spring that Dublin has been having. I’m liking the happy, optimistic colours and pretty buds. I picked these daffs up for around €1.50 in M&S. The pretty birdie vase is from Red Hot Pottery, a lovely shop over at (you guessed it) Etsy.


  • ooooh, I’ve always struggled with daffodils but you’ve managed to do them justice here 🙂 And I’ve had my eye on that vase for some time, too…

    • Thank you 🙂 You’re right though, they’re kind of awkward to shoot for some reason, their corners can look really sharp and unpretty. I think the morning sun gave me a good helping hand this time around!

  • p.s. I lusted after the vase for aaaages. It arrived with one of the wee tails broken (despite the seller’s excellent packaging, it must be said) but a bit of superglue got it looking grand again.

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