Irish Blog Awards 2010: The Aftermath

I’m back from the Irish Blog Awards, and although I didn’t win (the incredibly deserving Red Mum did), I still had an amazing night with fellow blog ladies Michelle, Pamela and Ciara. Congrats to all the winners, especially Donal, the girls, Nialler9 and the amazing Panti.

I want to take a quick sec to just sincerely thank Mulley, everyone involved in organising the event (from the comic genii who made the hilarious vids to the amazing peeps who made the polystyrene magic happen), the sponsors, especially who sponsored the category I was nominated in, and all who judged and nominated. It was a really fun, fun event and that’s all thanks to some hard-working blog-loving people.

It was lovely catching up with some of my fave bloggers and putting faces to some new ones. Bring on next year!


  • Thanks very much missis! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat – but we will next year

    • Aphrodite, I didn’t even know you were there, is that terrible?! I’m so sorry, I was clearly too busy boogying with Lynnie! Mega congrats again, and well deserved :)

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