Meet Captain Socks (or is it Chairman Miaow?)

Say hello to Captain Socks / Chairman Miaow. He belongs to my friends Sorcha and Eoghan, and they coudn’t agree on a name so now he has two. Although these days, I think Sorcha’s choice – Captain Socks – has won out.

The Captain will come over to you in his own sweet time, thank you very much, likes a very particular spot on the couch (don’t think he won’t throw you filthies if you’re sitting on it) and has some pretty fab Etsy toys and catware (by the by, if you’re into funky retro cat beds – who isn’t? – check out this great shop).

As you can see, he’s also a natural in front of the camera, and is practically smizing in some pics.

Love his adorable white paws, it’s like he’s in a tux!


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