Date: April 2010

As pretty and fresh and cherry blossoms are, they always strike a teensy bit of fear into my heart. And I’m sure many former and current UCD students feel the same. Why so, you ask? Cherry blossoms, in UCD land, mean one thing: looming exams. Seeing those pretty, pink petals floating about was

I don’t normally banter away in Spanish on the blog, but that little phrase kept coming to me when I was shooting these flowers. I think it was one of those school crush Valentine’s phrases boys would write: “Tu eres como una rosa, fino y hermosa,” which means, you are like a

Just a quick note to wish you all a Happy Easter. Hope the bunny brings lots of tasty chocolate treats! I’ll be egg hunting with Ethan (weather-permiting), scoffing some choc, and watching my absolute favourite easter movie. Nevermind Fred and Ginger, Fred and Judy were pretty great too. A cou


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