Cupcakes, cocktails and crazy toddlers

You know you’ve had a good weekend when there’s a tupperware container of chopped carrots and cucumbers in your bag…

Friday, Yvonne and I had a delightfully girly evening of home-made cocktails and home-baked cupcakes. Very Carrie Bradshaw meets Betty Draper.  After a trip to see Whip It (which was just as fun and lovely as we expected) we got stuck into baking some lemon-y cupcakes.

Well, I say we, but I really mean Yvonne. I mainly faffed around and handed her things then proceeded to melt down a Jedward easter egg to make rice krispie buns.

It’s not that I don’t like making cupcakes – I really do – but they always turn out so much better when she does them. So I think we kind of have a deal. She makes pretty cupcakes, and I take pictures of her pretty cupcakes.

Saturday I had a mini photo shoot in the morning (which I will blog about soon) followed by a trip to Phoenix park with Ethan and Kelly (via the Mexican stand in Meeting House Square. It was on the way, I promise).

It was buckets of fun, helping him roll around the grass, giving him wheelbarrows (his new favourite thing), swings and blowing bubbles. You couldn’t but be happy with him around. A few pics below, although there are more on the way.

Then, it was time for more cocktails and cupcakes at a housewarming and girly get together with some of the loveliest ladies in the land.

Saturday evening was so much fun that my brain wasn’t working well enough on Sunday to take pictures, but it was much of the same – a trip out to the Blackrock market and then on to Duffy’s circus in Booterstown.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some ginger and lemon tea to drink…


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