Scary cherry blossoms

As pretty and fresh and cherry blossoms are, they always strike a teensy bit of fear into my heart. And I’m sure many former and current UCD students feel the same.

Why so, you ask? Cherry blossoms, in UCD land, mean one thing: looming exams. Seeing those pretty, pink petals floating about was just a reminder that you should be inside studying, not outside gossiping.

And while exams are far behind me, every time I see cherry blossoms blooming I think back to my UCD days. Fondly, of course, now that I have no Spanish verbs to memorize, or Chaucer text to decipher.

And finally, here’s a shot of a couple of shots taken with my beloved Fuji Instax Mini. It’s no Polaroid SX-70, but it will do for now!


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