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Sunshine and stripes

A few shots of Ethan from last weekend’s wander through the Iveagh Gardens. Something about his cute red, white and blue t-shirt have me the idea for some vintage Americana style processing.

He’s becoming a proper little man with a proper little ‘tude to match and has no problem saying “No!” when he gets bored of my snapping. He’s saying TONS of things now, more every day. I wish you could hear how he says my name! As much as Kelly tries to sound out Nath-a-lie it always comes out sounding like “diddle”. He’s fond of the usuals like “more”, “please”, “juice”, and “bobo” but I just love it when he runs over, grabs my hand, cocks his head to the side and says “‘Mon” (which is meant to be “Come on”) while pulling you towards his books and toys.

He had great craic picking stones and throwing them into the fountain.

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