Oh hai new blog design….

Hello, and welcome to my  redesigned blog. Do you like the look of it?

It’s all thanks to the hard work of Sandra Horan and Gav Reilly. A massive thank you to them for their talent and patience.

I tweaked the main site, using Showit, so that we’d all match. The portfolio has been updated as well, so feel free to have a wander around. Please try to ignore the ‘about me’ page. It’s always so hard to write those things.

To celebrate the launch of this slightly different blog, I thought I’d kick things off with a couple of slightly different shots. These are some quick pics of my friend Keith. I’ve been wanting to try available light night photography for a while, and he nicely obliged by standing patiently on O’Connell Street and bridge.

You kind of have to ignore your camera’s meter when shooting in this light, so your model needs to have a bit of patience and not be too scared of standing in the middle of the street posing. So thanks Keith for waiting while I fiddled with settings. And for being a poser!

I’m quite happy with the below shot, but then I would be, bokeh-addict that I am.

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