Change is going to come

… And we’re back. Apologies for the unscheduled break in bloggy transmission there. Between work, a big photo project, moving house (third time this year, lucky me, huh?), trying to sort out broadband and squeezing in some quality jumping-on-the-bed time with Ethan, the weeks just melted away. But enough with the excuses, and on to some news.

Last Saturday, I was incredibly chuffed to be invited along on a bloggers’ tour of Dublin Zoo. It kicked off at 8.15am, before the zoo even opened, so we all felt very lucky to be given a sneak peek of the animals as they started their day. Pics from that soon, but now, onto a couple of seasonal shots.

Saturday was one of those gorgeous autumn cliches – crisp and cold, but sunny and bright. After the blog meet-up, I took a stroll through the park and although there is still a surprising amount  of lush greenery to be had, there were some hints of the gorgeous golds and browns that are on their way. I really wish I went off photo dates with my camera more often, as, photographically speaking, this is definitely my favourite season.


  • Isn’t the change of seasons fantastic? I think you’ve got it all here, honey gold leaves, berries, puddles and conkers!

    Can’t wait to see your zoo shots 😀

  • Wow – fab pics. Really captured autumn – third pic is one of my faves.

  • Gorgeous! This time of year has too many lovely colours to resist taking the camera out on a nice sunny afternoon. Fantastic to meet you on Saturday, looking forward to seeing your zoo photos 🙂

  • I love the changing colour of the leaves. These are beautiful photos!

  • Chuffed and delighted to see comments from three of my favourite photographers! Thank you so much. Really must go on photo wanders more often – I’m crap at just going off with my camera on solo sessions.

  • Beautiful Nat! x

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