Date: November 2010

Between a weekend work trip to London and going to press with the next issue of the mag, I sadly haven’t had a chance to properly get out in that gorgeous snow with the camera. Here are just a few quick shots I fired off on Sunday afternoon. Wrap up warm, it’s brr-tastic out there.

It’s almost party time! Actually, who am I kidding, it’s already party time. I can not wait to put up the tree, and buy craft paper and red ribbon and bake star-shaped biscuits and play cheesy holiday tunes and basically just explode in Christmas.

A few months back, my sis and I went for a wander to a local second-hand market. In among ancient VHS tapes and board games, I found a giant jar filled with buttons. There were all kinds in there – tiny, tiny pastel ones, and big, industrial-looking grey ones. It really got me  thinking about [&h

No walk in the park is complete without a hyperactive two-year old nephew, right? It’s getting harder and harder to take Ethan’s picture; firstly, he’s a lot faster now, and wants me to play proper chasing, instead of running around with one eye looking through a camera viewfinder.

Isn’t this just the nicest way to show off flowers? I fell completely in love. Check out the teeny little worm on those mushrooms! If I were the marrying kind, I’d definitely make it my business to take a stroll through gardens like these on D-day. And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed


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