Cute as a…

A few months back, my sis and I went for a wander to a local second-hand market. In among ancient VHS tapes and board games, I found a giant jar filled with buttons.

There were all kinds in there – tiny, tiny pastel ones, and big, industrial-looking grey ones. It really got me  thinking about how they all came to be collected there; did some meticulous person pop them in the jar whenever they fell off items of clothing? Did they belong to a seamstress? What had they been sewn on, and where had they been? The weirdest thing was that all these buttons, with their micro histories, the whole lot of them (well over 200 I’d say) were mine for around €4. The stall-holder had lots of other vintage knick knacks and seemed glad to be rid of them.

I was glad to have a new photo project on my hands, so I set about snapping them alongside a cute cup and saucer, also a second-hand find.

I’ve lots of other ideas for them, I guess the thing is just to find the time (and the light) to jump in…

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