My favourite street in the city

I think it’s called Johnson’s Court. Just off Grafton Street, this, to me, is the prettiest street in the whole of Dublin once the Christmas lights go up. It’s just a blanket of bokeh up there.

Dying to get back to it and take more pics.

Other Sunday highlights included getting to see Singin’ in the Rain in Screen (here‘s one of my fave numbers. Here’s another. And another. And of course you can’t forget this); happening across this adorable 5-month old pup on Abbey Street, and simply sipping a Butlers hot chocolate while having wander and a good ol’ girly chat with Yvonne.

All before watching the country combust of course.


  • i love your images! and this is also my favourite street in dublin, fo’ sure

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s so pretty, isn’t it? And the bright light from the fancy jewellers makes it a nice spot for portraits too.

  • Yes, very very pretty! I can see what you mean about the bright light. I’m going to make sure I walk down there this week, I always forget it exists!

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