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Easy on the eye

When announced a photowalk at a flower warehouse, I registered as soon as my dodgy typing skills would let me. A couple of dozen photogs headed to the depot in Sandyford on a grey and drizzly Saturday; basically, the best kind of weather for an indoor photo session.

I knew there would be loads of gorgeous flowers, and lots of pretty macro opportunities, but I wasn’t prepared for how lovely Eamonn and the Flowers Made Easy team would be. He let us take flowers out of their packaging, create custom set ups, remove price tags and basically mess everything up in an effort to get the shot we wanted. As per usual, I fired off loads of frames, but was too busy chatting/wandering/getting distracted by a €600 bouquet or red roses (I kid you not) to take many decent shots. I like the subtle tones of the arrangement above though, and brought it to the edge of the warehouse to try and flood the back with some natural light.

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