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The stretch

I love, love, love seeing spring’s first daffodils peeking out. They’re a sign that yes, there is a grand stretch in the evening. That soon I won’t be getting up in darkness and walking home at dusk. I’ll be able to get in after work, grab the camera, go off for a wander and find lots of pretty light.

Props to the lovely neighbour who is planting these in our estate. I hope it wasn’t the same neighbour who had the unfortunate luck of hearing me sing tunelessly along to Taylor Swift as I took these shots.

And while we’re all happy and cheery, I want to say a huge thank you to anyone who nominated this blog in the Best Photo Blog category for this year’s Blog Awards. I made the shortlist! It made me want to take a running jump at this:

But I managed to restrain myself. Couldn’t bear the thought of freaking my neighbour out any more than I already had.

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