Carnival kicks

One of the St Patrick’s Festival highlights definitely has to be the fun fair that rolls into Merrion Sq. Kel, Ethan and I headed along on Sunday for the Big Day Out – basically an excuse to eat Nutella and banana crepes for lunch, watch funny caricaturists, see the world’s fastest Rubik’s cube solving robot, meet up with Twitter peeps, Sean, Steph, Darragh, Jules, Christian and Sharon, lounge around on the grass and hit up the amusements.

It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day to start with, and the cherry blossoms (otherwise known as “Evil Exam Blossoms” to former UCD students, as this post can explain) were out in full force.

Next stop: Waltzers. That’s Darragh, Jules, Christian and Sharon in the bottom panel. Not that you can tell from all the fuzzy blur.

Then Ben and I climbed aboard the purdy Ferris Wheel.

I’m pretty sure his drool-some 20mm lens (on which he has shot stuff as awesome as this) got in better cityscapes than these.

We stayed ’til it got all dusky, having to drag Ethan from his little dance in front of the amusement lights.


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