Date: July 2012

The first in a new series of photo posts on things I love about Dublin (new snazzy title pending) begins with a very recent find, the Waldorf Barbershop on Westmoreland Street. It has been in business in Dublin since the late 1920s and walking down those steps is like stepping back in time (if you [

I’m a big fan of illustrator (and pug lover) Gemma Correll, so I let out a little squee and grabbed my camera as soon as I saw this little guy hanging out in a beer garden. Isn’t he adorable?

I took a fun day trip last Saturday to Bray with my nephew Ethan, who’s almost four, and Ben (who’s quite a bit older than that). We said whatevs to the weather, and headed to Sealife to find Nemo, before tucking into some chips and ice cream and throwing some rocks at the sea (very [&he


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