Time to Play

Time to play

I recently indulged in some of the really fun perks of Auntyhood – a trip to the park with Ethan, my four year old nephew. In between chasing him up climbing frames and pushing him on the swings, I took a couple of shots.

FunderlandEthan at Funderland

After much climbing, swinging and hop-scotching, we hopped on the DART and headed to his surprise – a trip to Funderland. This is the minute he spots the big wheel and cops where he’s going:

Ethan at Funderland

Adorable, right? A mini roller coaster, six kid-sized funfair rides and a big ice cream later we headed home, but not before I snapped this bokeh-licious out of focus shot of the ferris wheel.

Ethan at Funderland

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