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Music- from-Nashville

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? I spent most of mine completely re-jigging my apartment, and it feels so great. The original set-up had my desk at the far corner of the room, away from the window. I’d gotten mirrors to try to bounce the light around, but they really weren’t doing the trick. I was having a bit of a moan to Ben on Saturday morning about the lack of light and how un-motivating it was, and we ended up hatching a plan. Using first some crude pen and paper sketches, and then the much more accurate Omni Graffe, we played with the furniture to find a way to put my rather giant desk by the window.

A few hours tugging, pushing, dustball sweeping and moving and we were done. The verdict? I absolutely love it. I actually feel way more energised by the new layout and my quirky, oddly shaped apartment feels much roomier. As soon as I have some pics I’ll post them up.

In the meantime, how about I talk about the other thing that’s been occupying my free time? It’s Nashville a relatively new US TV show starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere. If you liked Brothers and Sisters and enjoy singing along to Taylor Swift or The Lumineers (or even Adele’s Rolling in the Deep), you’ll enjoy this. It’s fantastically cheesy, but also gives you a real glimpse into the world of music making, and how tough it can be. The show’s songs are curated by T Bone Burnett (of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? fame) and the below track was co-written by The Civil Wars‘ John Paul White. As hooked as I am on the show, I’m really loving the music.

Further reading: Rolling Stone Q&A with T Bone Burnett.

Buy: The Music of Nashville, Season 1

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