Date: March 2013

This past week has been brought to me by the word ‘food’, and the letters N, O and M. It all kicked off  last Thursday when Ben‘s mum, an incredibly talented cook who trained at Ballymaloe, had a gang of us over for dinner. The feast included little cones of salmon and creme frai

It’s like she’s teasing us. Taunting us with a pretty bloom here, a bright, crisp blue sky morning there – and then a flurry of snow. But spring is very nearly almost here. I love seeing hints of it; the cherry blossom petals that scatter the road, the buckets of cheery daffodils at ev

[1] How gorgeous are these nails? Perfect for spring. Check out the (surprisingly easy) tutorial here. Emily of From a China Village has launched a new podcast series interviewing Irish creatives. She's also organising a lovely event in Avoca, Malahide for lifestyle bloggers that I'm delight

Have you heard of the Mysterious Letters project? I only came across it this week. Their goal is to send a hand-written letter to everyone in the world, one town at a time. And guess what? They've done Ireland! The letters are sweet, funny and a little random.  

I have some pretty big news to share with you today. Although if you follow me on Twitter, you no doubt already know. After four and a half years at KISS Magazine, over two of them as editor, the time has come to change, grow and move on and this week I started my new […]


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