A Sneaky Peek At Spring

cherry blossoms | nathalie.ie

It’s like she’s teasing us. Taunting us with a pretty bloom here, a bright, crisp blue sky morning there – and then a flurry of snow. But spring is very nearly almost here. I love seeing hints of it; the cherry blossom petals that scatter the road, the buckets of cheery daffodils at every supermarket counter, and the lovely new pastel blooms that call at me from every florist window.

Shooting the first daffs of the season has become something of annual ritual for me (see here and here), and I look forward to it more and more every year.

Spring blooms | nathalie.ie

I’m still holding on to my Lovebirds Vase (available here, from Red Hot Pottery on Etsy).

Spring blooms | nathalie.ie

Come spring, I also tend to have a bit of a fling with cherry blossoms, and this year was no exception.

cherry blossoms | nathalie.ie

They still kind of remind me of exam time, but I love the promise of brighter days that they bring.

cherry blossoms | nathalie.ie

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