Ethan and the Magic Coins

Ethan at Supervalu Big Day Out |

How was your Paddy’s Day weekend? I spent the day chilling, food shopping and house-keeping. Not very exciting, right? Where once I stood on a pillar on Dame Street for about three hours straight so I could snap the parade, this year I relished the opportunity to catch up on all those boring but necessary things that pile up while you’re busy being, well, busy.

Saturday was a festive day though. Ben and I picked up that happy face above – my four and a half year old nephew, Ethan – and headed to Merrion Square for the Big Day Out. There was a funfair, fab play area, lots of performances and a really good vibe. Ethan had a ball.

One of my favourite things to do with him is the ol’ circus classic, the magic coin trick. I’ve practised a bit, and can pull foil-covered chocolate coins out of his hair and from behind his ears – I can even make them magically appear in his pocket! Look at how excited he was when he discovered yet another one.

Ethan at Supervalu Big Day Out |

You can take the girl out of the circus…! A few more snaps of him messing around and showing off his proud coin collection below.

Ethan at Supervalu Big Day Out |

Ethan at Supervalu Big Day Out |

Ethan at Supervalu Big Day Out |

Ethan at Supervalu Big Day Out |


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