Date: April 2013

How lovely is this  Stars Cloth Napkin Set? I’m loving the whole new Anna Joyce Design collection, especially the cute bag and purse, below. Lovely photography by Lisa Warninger, with styling by Chelsea Fuss (adore her blog).

Hola! How was your weekend? I got some much-needed chill time in, heading to The Little Green for some celebratory birthday drinks with Emma on Saturday (really lovely spot, with some cool chalk art – I need to head back with my camera) and spending a good chunk of Sunday chilling on the couch

My heart goes out to Boston this week. Insanely scary, heart-breaking stuff. My former colleague, the talented journo and all-around lovely gal Caitlin McBride has been live-tweeting from Boston all morning. JR is back, pasting over 15 walls in Berlin with his supersized photos. Music I can’t

I’m still working my way through a huge collection of shots from our trip to Andalusia last year and will be sharing lots of them soon. I think once the weather warms up they’ll be easier to post – it just didn’t seem right to upload pictures of sun-drenched mountains and clear b

Back in November, Ben went on a work trip to Colombia and had a lot of gear stolen. His beloved camera, some lenses (including my 50mm 1.4), laptop and iPhone were all taken. We both knew that at the end of the day all that is just stuff, and that the main thing was that […]


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