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 I didn’t start drinking until my early-twenties, which means I’m not really a big drinker and never quite acquired a taste for beer or cider. Don’t feel sorry for me though, as I’ve more than compensated with a very healthy interest in wine and cocktails! I love wine and chats with friends, over cheese and chocolates. But to add a sense of celebration to an evening, there’s no beating a cocktail and Dublin bars have been serving up some pretty tasty ones. I’ve listed some of my faves below.

This is one of my favourite cocktails in the city. It tastes like holidays, but not in a cheesy Sex on the Beach way. A simple twist on a classic, it’s sweet yet earthy – I could drink it all night!

A recent discovery, this was such a fun drink. Knock back the shot of Prosecco, scoop, slurp or lick the contents of the passionfruit and then sip on the cocktail itself, a literally intoxicating mix of Stoli vanilla, cointreau, X-Rated Liqueur (no idea what that is…), vanilla syrup, passion fruit purée and lime juice.

The mix of vanilla vodka, passionfruit, vanilla sugar, lemon juice and prosecco make this cocktail a sweet, zingy alternative to dessert. The shot above is of their oversized Giant Mojito Boston Tin .

  • Chocolate Nut Martini @ Bite 

Anthony plopped this down in front of me at my leaving drinks in Bite a few weeks back. As the name might suggest, this cocktail is like a dessert. The nutty overtones stop it from being to cloyingly sweet, but even at that you could probably only manage one. Never fear, there are plenty of other cocktails to move on to, and the barman there great for customising or making up whatever takes your fancy.

I’ve also heard great things about the cocktails at the Vintage Cocktail Club, but haven’t gotten around to checking them out yet. Let me know if you’ve tried any of them out or have any suggestions – I’m always on the lookout for more.

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  • These cocktails sound fantastic! Pichet also do delicious pre-dinner cocktails (as well as dessert ones) and for the Vintage Cocktail Club: Bay Leaf Tom Collins! Is it time for cocktails yet?

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