Date: July 2013

Have you come across Empire Donuts? I first saw them at Taste of Dublin and spotted them again in my sister’s local Spar. One of my favourite things to do on arrival in London is to grab a Krispy Kreme, so I was pretty excited to see these. B and I split a coffee one on […]

How sweet is this GIF animation by Thoka Maer? Loads more here. [via swissmiss] The movie title stills collection. Very cool. Susannah Conway shares tips on shooting on an iPhone. Speaking of which, I’m am loving RadLab‘s PicTapGo iPhone app. The Mask You Live In is a new documentary fro

Isn’t it  brilliant when artists find ways of making their work more accessible to those of us with champagne tastes and lemonade pockets? For example, I adore colourful Aussie brand Castle and Things. Their prints, like the ones above, are incredible – but their tea towel art, below, is

Have you ever used the Paper app for iPad? I first became properly aware of it when I saw the witty and hilarious illustrations that Ben’s friend Maria, aka Twisted Doodles was creating using the app. She sells prints and cards (which helped pay for her wedding!). The piece above, called Sta

  How stunning are these photos? I feel little bit more serene just looking at them. They’re by Green Goose Photography on Etsy. The shop features landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes shot across Ireland, France, and Italy by Irish photographer Margaret (I can’t seem to find a sur

Hola! How was your weekend? Ben and I spent most of ours chillin’ like villains in Farnham Estate in Cavan. There were pruney-fingers a-go-go after a day at the lovely spa, and I also got a Yon-Ka Aroma Luxe massage which was nothing short of amazing. One those so-good massages that you fall a


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