Inspire My Day Tip 3: Friend Dates

Friend dates at The Fumbally |

Every one has tough work weeks – project deadlines, targets, quarterly reviews. In mag land, it’s press week. It’s the last push to get the magazine out and while it’s exciting and incredibly gratifying to see it all come together, it’s also exhausting. I get into a little work tunnel, disconnect and float though haze of deadlines and to-do lists.

By the end of the week, I am shattered and just want to crawl under a duvet, eat popcorn and re-watch The West Wing (I’m currently on season four). But it’s right at this moment that I need people most. You need to reconnect, and laugh, and share anecdotes and be with friends who sympathise and relate.

A lot of my friends are on a similar buzz, and this weekend we’ll be meeting up for a Saturday brunch and just knowing it’s coming lifts my spirits. Usually, it takes weeks to figure out an evening when we’re all free together, but this will be our second morning brunch and it was just so much easier to organise. Sure, you miss out on a lie in (though we’re meeting at 11am so it’s not that bad), but the last time we did it I left feeling energised, happy and delighted with how much of the day I had left.

So my tip today is to try to make a friend date. If there’s been someone you’ve been dying to see, think about other ways to make it work. They don’t have to giant, pre-organised catch-ups. Smaller, simpler, more spontaneous events will do just as well.

Friend dates at The Fumbally |

This post is part of the Alpro Inspire My Day campaign, of which I’m a proud ambassador! The above pics were taken on a spontaneous friend date at The Fumbally

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